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Multi-talented. Self-educated artist.

Born in Odense, Denmark on October 22, 1964.
John's passion for art was evident and began blossoming at around the age of 10. At 14 , he experimented with rolling his bicycle tires (complete with fresh paint) across the canvas for new artistic affect. He used all mediums to quench his thirst for creativity and to indulge his curiosity...even his mother's spices mixed with paint...not always very appetizing.
At 16 years old, he tried spray paint, making Pop Art posters which were marketed in all Scandinavia.
John succumbed to family pressures and he found himself a businessman. As much as he enjoyed that world, he was frustrated about relegating painting only to his (not often available) free time.
In 1985, John pursued a long-desired adventure and moved to France. Watch out, Paris!!!

A new life, a new city, a new country, a new language, a new culture. It all stimulated his imagination and the French atmosphere enriched his artistic sense and blended well with his Danish origins.
He developed a new, more cosmopolitan style and discovered many new possibilities with acrylic paints. It was at this time that he broadened his horizons to the new concepts of mixing various techniques (ink, sand, gold, silver, bronze, etc.) in one painting. He obtains quite surprising, abstract and magnificent results. Still working a "real" job, he continued to paint for friends, family, and of course, for himself.
An Expressionist, John is relentlessly in search of originality and on occasion - also humor, but hopefully with more wisdom than in his youth. No more bicycle tires or spices!
Nature and the human body are his primary sources of inspiration. His motivation and focus? A very great desire to paint everything and the refusal to limit himself to any particular style, medium or social/artistic expectation.

In 2002, a life changing event altered Gormsen's life. He was diagnosed with cancer and has struggled over the last 4 years with surgeries, still trying to deal with the health issues that keep him in touch with what's real in life. But - something good comes from the bad...and John is grateful for that. His doctor informed him that he would not survive if he stayed in the stressful business world. An end to that chapter of Gormsen's life. Alas...finally he can return to that place where his heart and passion have always been....his art.
No more doubts. John Gormsen's life is his art.
At the age of 38, Gormsen had his first public show. It was a great success. His new life is launched. And the world is a better place because of it!!

Mélanie Verce, Colorado, 2006 

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